The Fiji Blues

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Awe, isn't it such a beautiful moment when an anti-social lockdown is required. Even though we would've gladly adhered to this forced to stay-at-home order at several other points in our lives, covid-19 occurred at a very inconvenient time it seems. For some odd reason, I know of too many people who thought this was a great time to travel, and are now unable to fly home from their vacay islands until further notice.

Although, no matter where you are sitting this out, think of it as a time given for you to rejuvenate and reinvent yourself. The social pressures which we normally face have been completely removed, and we have so much extra time on our hands. My social pressures unfortunately got removed by my phone acting up and tease dying right when my quarantine began. I took it as a sign that I needed to take this time to better myself and get ahead in other aspects of my life, like my family that I hadn't seen in months. During these next weeks, I wish you all health and safety. XOXO, Bae